Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is the advantage of ordering from the Sushi Plaza website?

The advantage of ordering from our website is collecting cashback and the possibility of courier service.

How does Sushi Plaza collect cashback work?

For every order connected to a phone number, you collect 15% cashback, i.e. bonus money, which you can use for your next purchase.

When will the bonus money be credited to the account?

The bonus money is received in your account 24 hours after paying for the order.

How long can bonus money be used?

You can use the bonus money within 14 days, after that the amount goes back to zero or it is reduced by the amount received 14 days ago.

Can the customer card be combined with orders on the website?

No, the customer card can only be used when paying on the spot in the restaurant and upon presentation of the ID card.

How can I use the courier service?

You can add the courier service at the shopping cart before paying. Be sure to enter your phone number and choose the address where you want to order. The price of the courier service is calculated immediately.